Support for systems, users and business processes has been our core service for many years.

Systems support

Trouble-proof operation of CRM systems and integrated modules is a highly important prerequisite for smooth workflow and positive results in everyday work of sales and service people, call center operators, and managers.

Due to global nature of nowadays economy and business, IT systems are characterized by high degree of complexity, with a constant tendency to further scale up. For example, distributed applications require synchronization of data between regional offices, and for some business processes, like Complaint Management, it is vital to have the data synchronize immediately.

Another cause of complexity is integrations. Often, your sales or service people would need immediate access to all customer information in one place, whether it is CRM functionality like company or contact data, or history of purchases and other interactions with the customer, or it may be their financial data like accounts or debt receivable. The information from other systems should be integrated seamlessly and up-to-date, and any changes in data or structure be supported in both systems.

Data integrity is yet another class of problems typical for today’s complex systems which require sound methodological approach. We help our customers to maintain data quality by seeking for patterns of incorrect data, automating routines for data corrections, and other quality-improving activities including advice and suggestions for higher-level solutions.

Many customer-related systems, especially those which provide product-as-a-service, must have the availability rate close to 100%. Our support operators are always available online during business hours, or extended business hours – depending on the Service Level Agreement – and ready to connect remotely to your servers and workstations to troubleshoot the systems we support.

Systems support may include the following:

1. System set-up services, such as:

  • System installation to server;
  • Workstation installation;
  • Installation of offline version;
  • Installation of upgrades (patches) on workstations;
  • Help with moving/rehosting system from one server to another;
  • Database configuration, including setup of automatic backup procedure, access to database;

2. Troubleshooting:

  • Troubleshooting of problems known to Client Line;
  • Investigation of unknown problems, finding problem sources, resolution of problems or suggesting recommendations;
  • Help with escalation to vendor of those problems which cannot be resolved.

Some technical solutions, like data corrections or change requests, before being implemented, would require comprehensive assessment of impact of the change to the system’s modules and business processes. Such approach is possible due to our knowledge of the supported systems at the level of Solution Architect. Moreover, it allows us, in every area of support, to commit ourselves to constantly seeking ways of refining overall effectiveness and optimizing performance of the supported systems.

User support

Support for end-users of the CRM and related systems is our everyday service performed on the principle of Customer Advocacy, meaning that every support operator does their best to always understand business objectives of our customers. Qualities like knowledge of business management fundamentals, excellent communication skills, and proactivity make our CRM Helpdesk operators reliable instant aid for your sales and service people, whether they need to prepare a presentation for their management, populate list of customers for a marketing campaign, or provide CRM training for new personnel.

User support may include:

Advisory support:

  • Providing vendor’s documentation (user guide, admin guide, installation guide etc);
  • Answers to How-To questions;
  • Advising on functional capabilities of the system;
  • User and Administrator training;
  • Notifications about availability of system updates and their benefits.

Help with system administration:

  • Administration of users, user groups and access rights;
  • Help with system configuration and modification.

Additional services may include, as required:

  • Help with data analysis;
  • Help with data cleansing;
  • Automation and integration services;
  • Development and support of additional modules.

We are a CRM company, and we seek to prove this statement in every interaction with our customers and partners.

Support for business processes

Our Solution Architect attitude in system support, and Customer Advocate attitude in user support make us valuable assistants when it comes to a higher level of support – support for your customer-related business processes.

You may plan to implement, or have already ongoing business processes of customer satisfaction surveys, lead management, or working with complaints, or any other customer-related processes.

We can help you improve and stabilize these processes by formalizing the steps, finding bottlenecks and defining requirements, both technical and user-related.

To monitor the process flow, we can develop analytical framework which will help you analyze the workload of your call center operators and other employees, and find new opportunities to leverage the people potential you own.