Nowadays businesses are demanding. Often business managers are not satisfied with CRM systems “as they are” out-of-the-box, but want them to best suit specific business processes, workflows and methodologies. In technical terms, it means that CRM system must be customized, and the more specific are the processes, the more customization must be done with the system.

Some customizations tend to fall out of CRM scope so significantly that they can even be regarded as self-contained, stand-alone applications which may, or may not be integrated with CRM and other business systems, or web portal. As examples of such systems we have created for our customers, we can mention:

  • Survey web application,
  • Inventory Management system,
  • Data exchange utility/interface for integrated systems,
  • Mail Merge templates based on complex formulas,
  • Various automation and reporting utilities.

If your current system needs to be complemented with additional modules or interfaces, our development team is there to help, starting with definition of requirements, and all the way down to application support and further enhancements.