Having all your customer-related information gathered in one place and properly structured provides good informational platform for business decision-making. To leverage this information, we can help you create analytical framework – filters, reports and dashboards, so that your management and employees can always have at hand relevant and up-to-date information available from the database and integrated modules and systems and presented to you in a way easy to interpret.

For example, you may be interested in quantitative analysis, like number of new customers per period, number of Sales and Service interactions (calls, appointments, or incidents), number of new contracts by region, sales volumes. You may also find useful comparative analysis, when you compare time periods, employees or customer groups, and define tendencies. Pipeline analysis is often used to find bottlenecks in sales or service process.

Of course, the driving force behind all reports is their purpose for further decision-making: whether you want to measure customer profitability, conversion of interactions to contracts, or repurchases, it always helps to have such objectives defined prior to development of any analytical report.

Reports can be available on-demand, or set up as automated notification e-mailed to you on a routine basis.